The Entrepreneur
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The Entrepeneur

The origin of MasterRange is found during a climbing trip, in one of the oldest Slovenian towns: in Osp. At a car park the architecture student and founder of the company, Andreas Bindhammer and his brother Christian, meet two local climbers, who sell climbing holds from their car´s boot. Both brotheres are excited about the shapes, they buy some grips, bolt them to their boulder wall, first at home, later in the Central University Sports and Athletics Facilities (ZHS) of the Technical University in Munich, to which they sells some hundred holds a few weeks later.

While both brothers Andreas and Christian were still studying they already chalk national and international competitions up as success. Having climbed in a great number of gyms all over Germany the brothers find a market niche: a shortage of reasonable climbing gyms. – The two enthusiastic climbers want more than a mere wall with climbing holds.

Andreas chooses the established climbing wall manufacturer SintROC & Ecogrips as his partner. This Italian company is a pioneer in this industry and one of Europe’s market leaders.

Within a few years MasterRange has developed to an online sales platform, offers high-quality products and in collaboration with SintROC & Ecogrips builds professional climbing gyms, were you can climb indoor on a reduced space, independent from weather conditions and within easy reach for everyone.

By this time, the matchless association has established several climbing landscapes in Europe and, according to insiders, the most modern and beautiful ones in Germany. Like the climbing center Gilching, west of Munich, they all stand out for being ahead of their time. Architect Ralf Gierlingers innovative idea for Gilching was to arrange the training area in a circular form around a central tower which includes the cash point, a bistro, a viewpoint such as a boulder room in the basement and one on the first floor. Once the visitor has entered the building he is surrounded by the artificial climbing walls.

The philosophy of MasterRange and its founders is to introduce the most beautiful sport in the world to as many people as possible. Ambitiously the team develops multifaceted surfaces conditions, which offer creative space for the route setters to bolt spectacular routes. The installations project a broad range of natures´ diverse terrain formations and copy these onto artificial walls. According to theses aims MasterRange and SintROC & Ecogrips have installed lifelike concrete walls (with sinters, overhangs, holes…) on the outside wall of climbing centers and integrated the possibility of climbing under an artificial waterfall in an amusement park in Northern Germany.

The two brothers’ motto is to create climbable landscapes rather than to install standard walls in a gym. They know exactly which key factor makes an artificial climbing landscape both charming and user-friendly. They gained their know-how, from the industries requirement to the subtle difference of rock types, in many years of competition and rock climbing all around the world. Skills in architecture, engineering and their first-hand climbing experience are permanently used to bring visionary designs into being, following inspiration given by projects on rock they constantly develop new concepts and structure imitations.

In collaboration with their Italian partner, Andreas and Christian look after the complete process of customized climbing wall projects, all is one hand and therefore quality is guaranteed in concept, design, visualization, planning, production, installation and maintenance.

As two of only a handful of international licensed route setters in Germany, the brothers are responsible for route setting on special occasions and international events. Among other services MasterRange offers the setting of new routes for commercial climbing gyms in addition to an annual inspection. The company’s leaders supervise a team of experienced route setters which bolt a most diverse variety of routes in a reasonable spread of difficulties.

Additionally MasterRange guarantees the maximum climbing surface possible, even small spaces are used efficiently. As one of the most significant “trademarks” of the SintRoc & Ecogrips brand, a filigree steel construction behind the panels makes this possible. While others will use a chunky, wooden construction to build cheaper the Italian manufacturer puts an only 30 centimeters strong skeleton, which later is climbable from every side. The result: more space for climbing or resting and therefore a relaxed atmosphere in a bright and friendly installation – an impression which is reinforced by the adequate colors of the walls.

Climbers benefit from a training environment which can handle a large number of climbers at once and absorbs the noise better than a conventional gym. Continuous development brings forward highly-end materials and statics, so that a very natural route design is possible: footholds, for example, are already integrated into the surface structure, such as adjustable inclinations, three-dimensional structure, edges and dihedrals.

A decisive sign of honor to the companies work is the fact that the German Alpine Club (DAV) places it´s trust in the companies experience and has delegated the italo-german team the responsibility of installing climbing walls for its’ boulder competitions. SintRoc & Ecogrips and Master Range are official partners of the DAV Boulder Cup Series, and thus also promoter of professional sports. The companies’ leaders developed especially for the DAV a portable bouldering tower designed for international boulder events.